Spartan Nation Foundation & PTO

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2004 to support the administration, teachers, staff and students of North Springs Charter High School through communication, event organization and volunteer efforts as well as enhance educational opportunities for North Springs' students and support improvements in the classroom and the school through donations, grants and business partnerships. This organization was redefined in July 2016 to combine the work of FONS (Friends of North Springs Foundation) and the North Springs PTO.



PTO Board Members 2015-16

Co- Presidents
Theresa Wooldridge (404) 310-3093
Julie Abes (404) 625-9009

President Ex-Officio
Sandra Jewell 

Dianne Wooldridge 

Eva Walston (404) 202-8416

VP of Communications & Marketing
Stephanie Fox 

VP of Community Relations
Debra Cohen (770) 375-9963

VP of Family Involvement
Dorothy Kitchens (404) 226-3876

Membership Chair
Joan Miller (770) 833-4098

VP of Hospitality
Tracey Baylin (914) 263-0891

VP of Campus Affairs
Lisa Greenburg 

Lori Bohrer (404) 374-8884