Spartan Nation Accomplishments, 2015-2016 

Friends of North Springs & PTO
Outside grants applied for and implemented

  • City of Sandy Springs nonprofit program for trash cans for the Spartan Plaza and the school site ($3925)
  • Northside Hospital Foundation for 3 arms to practice venipuncture and injection for the Health Sciences Certified Clinical Medical Technician Pathway ($1980)
  • Jon Wittenberg through Partners in Education for casters for Theater storage bins ($300)


Outside grants implemented ($10,300 plus $900 from FONS )

  • Sandy Springs Society for 7 Promethean ActivExpressions student response clicker classroom systems for the Math Department 


Outside grants applied for ($17,000 - $23,000)

  • Sandy Springs Society to support the creation of a music recording studio ($9,000 to $15,000)
  • Sandy Springs Education Force to support an after school program for students to record music ($1500)
  • City of Sandy Springs to support the creation of a music recording studio to foster job skills and economic development ($5000)
  • James Patterson Partnership Grant to support StoryCorps recording of students ($1500)



  • Annual major fundraising event, Spartan Spectacular, had a profit of over $30,000  
  • Raised $1642 through United Way for the Media Center 
  • Spartans Helping Spartans fund raised $3295 to help needy students and families
  • Accepted a donation of  $1360 from Mike and Peggy Gardner for Health Sciences equipment and materials
  • Accepted a donation of  $4000 from Mike and Peggy Gardner to equip a Makerspace
  • Raised $5117 for the Spartans Helping Spartans Fund



  • Along with the PTO, we created the Spartans Helping Spartans Fund to provide emergency aid to needy students and families administered by the school social worker


Internal grants implemented ($1,200)

  • $1200 for 5 cameras, cases,  memory cards and accident protection for the Digital Web Pathway classes


Music Department grants approved and implemented ($1,085)

  • $320 for 20 headphones for the Music Department to use with the electronic keyboards
  • $400 to move a donated grand piano to the Music Department
  • $365 for a computer for the Music Department to use in sequencing and making arrangements


Internal grants approved and implemented in the Fall 2015 ($11,750 plus $1500 loan)

  • $1955 for stage lighting for the Blackbox Theater (Performing Arts)
  • $385 for 70 copies of Esperanza Rising novel in Spanish for to improve understanding, comprehension and vocabulary (Spanish)
  • $440 for 35 Spanish/English dictionaries to help students complete assignments such as composing skits, conversations and other writing tasks (Spanish)
  • $415 for 32 copies of The Number Devil to help math students make connections between mathematics, literature and life. (Math)
  • $530 Strap-on Venipuncture Manikin for use in the certified clinical medical assistant certification in CTE Health Sciences
  • $35 to provide paper for practice SAT tests for students with financial needs conducted by the 800 Club
  • $1050 for 3 studio lights in Broadcasting so students can practice lighting techniques and produce well-lit videos
  • $420 for a 55" HD TV with wall mount to help with real time broadcasts, self-assessment and feedback for student generated video projects in Broadcasting
  • $360 for 2 Samsung Red WB1100F Smart Cameras with 16.2 Megapixels and 35x Optical Zoom so students can take high quality photos for Yearbook
  • $940 for 3 classroom sets (96 books) of two novels - A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier and for The Glass Castle: A Memoir - to improve reading and critical thinking skills in English
  • $4000 for collaborative classroom tables and chairs for two AVID classrooms to enhance peer collaboration and allow a variety of arrangements depending on the educational needs
  • $375 for umbrellas and stands to make the Senior Class courtyard more usable
  • $245 for 20 Barron’s AP Art History 3rd edition to help students prepare for the Art History AP exam
  • $500, along with $1000 from PTO and SABC, funded equipment for the female weight room, a required class for athletes
  • $100 for Super Achieving Spartans Workshops so high achiever juniors have access to certified educational consultants who will assist with resume formation, college essay and interview preparation, and provide guidance through the college planning and application process
  • $1500 loan to the NS Entrepreneurship class to transform the Plata Lab into an all-natural smoothie bar

Internal grants approved and implemented in the Spring 2016 ($10,070)

  • $3800 for 20 pre-sonus recording kits which include software, microphone, and 2 octave digital keyboard to support a new Music technology class
  • $410 for two camcorders to support the Freshman Success Skills classes (CTE)
  • $850 for a DSLR Canon T6i video camera to improve broadcast quality and professional training (CTE Broadcasting)
  • $1500 for AED trainer package, infant CPR manikins, and materials to assist medical assistant pathway (Health Sciences)
  • $1020 for clothing to support FBLA students attending local, state, and national competitions
  • $1240 for bubble balls to illustrate concepts in physics and science (Science)
  • $450 for dry spirometer and 5 wrist cuffs to conduct laboratory exercises in the Human Anatomy and Physiology (Science)
  • $210 for chemicals for student chemistry labs (Science)
  • $590 for “Forty Studies that Changed Psychology” books (13) that can be checked out to improve students’ understanding of psychology research results and methodologies. This will make a complete class set. (Social Studies)

FONS Systems

  • Implemented a new website as part of the website
  • Implemented an online teacher grant application with FOMAS and PTO which FONS is coordinating through the new website
  • Developed a joint teacher grant evaluation and implementation process with FOMAS and PTO



  • Started Twitter and Facebook updates
  • Kept the FONS bulletin board up-to-date



  • Co-planned the merger of FONS and PTO into a new organization called the Spartan Nation, Inc. to take place on July 1, 2016
  • Assisted with Reunion Coordination
  • Co-sponsor of the annual Partner Appreciation Breakfast 
  • Active member of the Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Serve as FCS Grant Champion for NSCHS
  • Maintained FONS Team of Advisors
  • Purchased bricks to recognized supporters as well as Teacher and Professional of the Year
  • Purchased a brick in memory of  Kelly Smentek, Class of 2006
  • Watered plants and grass in Spartan Plaza over the Summer 2015 to help all the new plantings live though the heat

Upcoming Events

Community Partners