Accomplishments 2014-2015

History - Since 2004, FONS a 501(c)(3) organization, has managed over $600,000 in charitable funding, primarily from individual donations and matching contributions.  Funds are appropriated based on the administration and faculty's priorities and requests, including grants for teachers to purchase educational materials for their classes and departments.

For a list of previously supported items, click here.

Outside grants applied for and implemented ($11,260)
  • Lowe’s Toolbox for Education for the ACDC Club and the theater ($4,820)
  • City of Sandy Springs for the theater ($5,000)
  • Northside Hospital Foundation for first aid kits ($1,440)

Outside grants implemented ($10,000)
  • Sandy Springs Society for Vernier Science Testing Equipment

Outside grants applied for ($10,300)
  • Sandy Springs Society for the math department clicker response systems

  • Annual major fundraising event, Spartan Spectacular, had a profit over $29,000
  • Started United Way and Amazon Smile as new fundraising campaigns
  • Targeted Campaign raised almost $20,000 for the Media Center
  • Worked with the FBLA to implement AmazonSmile focusing on students
  • Improved focus on brick program for parents and students
  • Started fund to raise money for a Grand Piano which is currently over $1,000
  • Mayor Rusty Paul personally donated $1,125 for trees for the Spartan Plaza
  • Breakfast for teachers and staff  through a donation by Another Broken Egg ($1110)
  • Vermeer Southeast in-kind donation of equipment for planting trees in Spartan Plaza ($750)
  • In-kind donation by Joanne Max ($1225) and Joni Towles ($700) to support the Super Achiever College Workshops

  • Coordinated the Spartan Plaza design, purchase and installation of plants and trees, and installation of bricks. Dixie Speck and Peter Ciepluch (NSCHS Class of 2007) donated their landscape design services and Dixie Speck with Solterra Landscape greatly assisted with the installation.
  • Coordinated the Media Center renovation plan development through hours of research, workshops, site visits and planning meetings. Funded the initial purchase of furniture (Almost $18,000 for computer bar with 12 monitor arms, cpu holders and tall scoop chairs; 6 flip top tables with 24 rolling chairs; 2 bean bag chairs)
  • Supported the Super Achieving Spartan College Workshops
  • Worked with the Art Department to complete artwork for the parking lot pillars

 Internal grants implemented ($11,690)
  • $5400 for classroom projectors
  • $300 for cameras for the Yearbook
  • $2480 for cameras for Art department
  • $965 for Raspberry Pi robots
  • $360 for woodworking equipment
  • $2185 for Art department tools

Internal grants approved and implemented ($21,686)
  • $800 for 4 handheld cameras for Broadcasting
  • $1900 for a 34 piece clicker response system for each department
  • $1000 for tools for the ACDC (Architecture, Construction and Design Club)
  • $1810 for AP Human Geography Review Guides
  • $1500 for 25 sets of Chinese Rhyme books (3 books per set)
  • $2260 for master keyboard and amplifier for Music and Theater
  • $1120 for 20 supplemental books “Forty Studies that Changed Psychology” for Social Studies
  • $275 for 25 supplemental texts “Strive for a 5” for Social Studies
  • $1810 for Health Sciences Career books to study for HOSA competition
  • $1961 for 3 Canon EOS Rebel SL1 digital SLR w/18-55mm STM lens w/memory card and bag for Digital Pathway and FBLA
  • $3300 for 3 tables and 12 chairs for the Media Center
  • $3300 for 30 graphing calculators for the Math department and checked out by math teachers
  • $50 for Teacher Affiliate Membership in American Psychology Association for Ms. Kaminsky
  • $600 to help with renovation of the Outside Concession Stand

FONS Systems
  • Developed and implemented detailed monthly financial and donor reports
  • Developed and maintain FONS critical contacts and information list
  • Analyzing and selecting process for a FONS donor information system
  • Initial planning to create and maintain an NSCHS alumni contact list
  • In addition to the September teacher grant cycle, added a second cycle in February. Also streamlined the purchasing process for these grants.

  • Timely thank you letters and emails to FONS donors
  • Constant Contact emails to update to FONS donors
  • Open houses in Media Center for donors and for teachers as well as email update about the Media Center
  • Open house for potential FONS volunteers
  • Major revision of  FONS website
  • Started FONS Twitter account

  • Will have a common online teacher grant application process with FOMAS and PTO starting 2015-2016
  • Assisted with Reunion Coordination
  • Co-sponsor of the annual Partner Appreciation Breakfast which FONS helped create in 2013-2014
  • Active member of the Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Serve as Fulton County Schools Grant Champion for NSCHS
  • Instituted and utilized FONS Team of Advisors
  • Created initial PowerPoint to develop business support for FONS and NSCHS
  • Purchased bricks to recognize major supporters as well as Teacher and Professional of the Year


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