Umbrellas and Stands for the Senior Class

In the Fall 2015, umbrellas and stands were purchased for the Senior Courtyard.

The Senior Class thank FONS for the grant to purchase umbrellas and stands for the Senior Courtyard. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated! Margaret Turner, Senior Class President

Grand Piano and Headphones for the Music Department

Early in the 2015-2016 school year, a grand piano was donated to the Music Department. FONS designated funds paid for the transport of the piano. In addition, Van Craven requested 20 headphones for students to use with the keyboards as they practiced.


The FONS grant of a class set of heavy duty stereo headphones for my two piano classes has not only made things much more manageable for me but has allowed each student to work independently and in a differentiated manner.  Many students had very cheap light earbuds which simply didn’t give them enough volume or would only give them sound out of one ear. With piano you have to hear both sides of the piano.  The students are able to work without shame or worry about how they sound to their peers while they practice.  I am so grateful we have an organization that puts our student’s needs first.  Without these headsets, chaos would consume the classroom.  It is a noisy place and with the headsets you can hear music now instead of chaos. Thank you FONS.  William Van Craven

Super Achieving Spartans College Workshop Series

Thank you to Joni Towles of Towles Educational Consulting and Dr. Joanne Max of Your College Direction for donating their time to our Super Achieving Spartans College Workshop Series where students are given advice on their resumes, college essays, and applying to highly selective colleges.

Projector Funding Approved

In response to Dr. Ruiz' request, FONS Board unanimously voted to supplement funding to purchase much needed classroom projectors, enabling their availability at the kickoff of the 2014-15 school year.

Innovation in the Classroom

Technology - Funding was approved in October 2013, for the purchase of iPads for the Social Studies and Language Arts departments. FONS Board members' distributed the equipment on March 13, 2014 to these departments. This purchase complements existing iPads in the Science department and will allow these departments to enhance their teaching methods through more efficient, measurable and engaging technology.  To protect and secure this mobile technology, iPad cases, Apple Care Support and storage/administrative carts were purchased with the iPad devices.  Teachers will attend monthly training sessions and demonstrations of leading-edge academic applications to help them incorporate appropriate apps into their curriculum. Key objectives include improved student learning, engagement and performance analysis.  In 2014, All in Learning software will be implemented for common assessments of student performance data, facilitating immediate, objective and automated feedback from students' classwork and test results; iPads will be used with this software.
Thinking Maps® - will be utilized across NSCHS to promote critical thinking and creativity in all subject areas. Administrative and teacher training is included in the rollout. The Thinking Map program involves a language of eight visual patterns, each based on a fundamental thought process designed to benefit students, teachers and principals. Key principles include:
  • Visualizing our thinking allows us to have a concrete image of our abstract thoughts 
  • Visual representations enhance the brain's natural ability to detect and construct meaningful patterns
  • Thinking Maps reduce anxiety by providing familiar visual patterns for thinking and working with complex ideas and situations

FONS will continue to work closely with the Administration to support funding gaps in NSCHS' innovation and technology plans.  At a high level, the following areas are under consideration:  iPad distribution to remaining departments, interactive classroom apps, math and reading apps, an overall digital learning platform with an integrated learning object repository, multi-media content and delivery and digital textbooks.

Teacher SAT Training Program

To provide our teachers with tools and techniques to increase students' college admission test scores, FONS provided support based on the premise that 'everyone is entitled to a college–ready education.'  In 2012, North Springs' Administration and faculty implemented innovative techniques in their everyday classroom setting with a program developed by a leading College Prep/Testing firm. The goal was to provide all students with a stronger foundation for college admission (SAT) test preparation.  FONS helped to fund the program and is pleased to report that 2013 SAT scores rose by 87 points for North Springs' students.

School Video

NSCHS' Governance Board in conjunction with the Administration created a promotional video showcasing the school and the four academies established by the school's Charter; FONS provided funding assistance for this needed community educational video.